Sierrablen Plus

with Pearl® Technology

Let your grass shine

Improve turf grass rooting with recycled phosphorus
Pearl® Technology blends a unique, recycled phosphorus into our premium controlled-release fertilizer range: Sierrablen Plus. It is the first continuous-release granule to provide turf grass a recycled, Root-Activated™ phosphorus. Resulting in significantly increased rooting and more efficient nutrient use over traditional phosphorus sources.
A sustainable, circular process
Pearl is produced using a sustainable process to recover phosphorus from high P water streams, including including industrial, mining, food procsessing, livestock and municipal, utilising a unique process which allows recovery of a pure struvite granule (15-28-0+16MgO).

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Sierrablen Plus with Pearl® Technology range

Turf Starter with Pearl® Technology

A high phosphorus analysis with proven performance for laying sod and for adding renovations where maximum rooting is the aim. Use alongside applications of additional nitrogen to encourage turf growth.

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Spring & Summer with Pearl® Technology

This spring and summer fertilizer is specially designed to encourage healthy turf growth throughout the season, providing great longevity from controlled-release nitrogen.

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Renovator with Pearl® Technology

A balanced N and P analysis designed for seeding, overseeding and sodding. The perfect product for turf renovation. All the phosphorus in Renovator is supplied through the Pearl Technology.

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Autumn & Winter with Pearl® Technology

A late summer and autumn fertilizer with higher potassium to maintain turf health leading into the period of increased disease pressure and winter. Lower N levels help maintain steady growth.

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Pearl® is an Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. registered trademark